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Internal Medicine Physicians specialize in the care of patients aged 12 and older. Internist are trained in intensive care, Hospital based medicine as well as office management of multiple health care problems and annual physical examinations.

Our Office Provides the Following Medical Services:

Disease Prevention Screening
Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases
Minor Surgical Procedures
Lab Testing for General Health, EKG, & PFT
Education to Control Diseases & for Healthy Living

•  Cancer Screening

•  High Blood Pressure Screening

•  High Cholesterol Screening

•  Diabetes Screening

•  Prevention of Heart Disease

•  Women’s Health services including Pap Smears and Annual exams

•  Adult Immunization

•  Weight Loss

•  Cardiac Disease

•  Pulmonary Disease

•  Liver Disorders

•  Gastrointestinal Diseases

•  Kidney Diseases

•  Skin Diseases

•  Diabetes and its complications

•  Infectious Diseases

•  Endocrine Diseases

•  Neurological Disorders

•  Opioid Dependence Treatment

•  Drainage of small Abscesses

•  Suturing of minor lacerations

•  Annual Physical Examination

•  Vision Screening

•  Blood Lab work

•  Urinalysis

•  Stool for occult blood

•  Throat cultures

•  Blood glucose levels

•  Urine drug screen

•  EKG

•  PFT - pulmonary function test

•  Diabetic teaching

•  Smoking and its effects on the human body

•  Alcohol and its effects on the human body

•  Alcohol Cessation

•  Hypertension and its effects on the human body

•  Weight Control/Management

•  Breast Self- Exam

•  Cardiovascular Risk Assessment & Modification